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Replace your window panes easily!

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Fire Chief Wood Furnace - FC700E

The Fire Chief FC700E is our most popular indoor wood and furnace and will keep you warm for many winters to come.

Fire Chief Wood Furnace - FC500E

Put an end to your worries and keep warm this winter and for many winters to come with one of our FC500E Fire Chief Wood Burning Furnaces.

VF55 FS Pellet Stove

You can change the fuel type with the touch of a button - Super Premium, Premium, Standard Pellets, Utility Pellets or Alternate Fuels - from wood pellets, corn, wheat, barley, paper pellets to all ba

VF170 FS Pellet Stove

Your search is over for a powerful freestanding pellet stove � the VF 170 has maximum heat output in a medium footprint.

VF100 FS Pellet Stove

Vista Flame has specially designed the VF100 Freestanding Stove to meet the demand for an affordable pellet stove, without sacrificing important quality features.