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Home Maintenance - Drywall Repair

Patching a hole in drywall


 -Using a scrap piece of drywall, cut a patch slightly narrower than width of the hole and twice as long.  

- Punch a hole through the center of the patch and run a string through. Tie a nail onto one side with the string.  

- Butter plaster or filler onto the opposite side of the patch from the nail. Feed the patch through the hole, keeping hold of the string with one hand. Be sure the side of the patch with the filler contacts the back side of the wallboard.  

- Pull the string tight to position the patch against the hole, then fill the recess with plaster or filler. Cut off the string.  

- Apply a skim coat of plaster over the patched hole, sprinkle water on it, and polish it smooth with a float.