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Home Maintenance - Window Pane Replacement

Window Pane Replacement


1. Pull glass pieces out of the sash, gently remove small glass fragments. Make sure to wear work gloves

2. Using a putty knife, pry glazing compound out of sash.  

3. Using long nose pliers, gently pull out glazier points. Then smooth with sandpaper.  

4. Brush the sash channel with linseed oil to prepare it for glazing compound.  

5. Shape and press a thin bed of glazing compound in the sash.  

6. Use caution when placing glass pane in bed of glazing compound in the sash channel.  

7. Press glazier's points with a putty knife halfway into the sash and snug against glass 4 to 6 inches apart.  

8. Press glazing compound into the sash along each edge of the glass, beveling it at a 45° angle and covering glazer's points. 

9. With the wet blade of a putty knife, smooth and shape glazing compound.