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Bathroom Safety

Reduce Bathroom Risks!

Safety must come first in your bathroom. With forethought, and little more than a screwdriver, it is possible to considerably reduce the risk of bathroom mishaps befalling anyone in the family, regardless of age or mobility. 

Everyone can benefit from the use of non-slip rubber mats in the tub and shower. 

Toddlers should not have unsupervised access to a bathroom at any time. A temporary doorknob cover will prevent them from entering.

Young children must be kept away from prescription drugs and other medicines, as well as cleaning products and drain cleaning chemicals often found in bathrooms. Drawers and cabinet doors must be secured with childproof latches to prevent unnecessary exploration. The lid of the toilet can be kept locked down too, if need be.

Electrical outlets are particularly dangerous in a bathroom due to the combination of water and grounded plumbing which can render a powerful electric shock. Block the receptacles with outlet blocking plugs during the curious years. Avoid using electrical items with long cords (radios, curling irons, and hair dryers) that could be accidentally dropped into sink or tub water. 

For seniors, a fall can mean a broken hip, or worse. The bathroom floor should have a textured, non-slip surface. If mats are used, they should have a non-slip backing. Water should not be allowed to leak from tubs and showers on to the floor, and if it does, it should be wiped up immediately.

A shower stall is less risky than a tub for a senior, and it should be fitted with grab bars and a seat. If a shower stall installation isn’t feasible, there are bath seats available that span the width of most bathtubs.

A safety rail and a raised seat, when added to a regular toilet, make it safer and easier for those who are less mobile. This and other precautions taken now could prevent costly mishaps.